Importance of Video Marketing & 4 Tools for Video Editing

Scrolling through instagram reels and youtube shorts daily for hours, I think you have also realised how important videos are for marketing. Videos have become the most impressive way to grab the attention of your target audience. As of now in 2023, video marketing is rapidly expanding not just in India, but in the entire world because of the introduction of short formats like reels and shorts.

The major reason behind this massive growth of video marketing industry is video are engaging and the kind of content that creators are currently producing is just outstanding. Other than that videos are very user friendly, I mean like who doesn’t want to watch a video rather than reading a article.

In this article we are going to deep dive into the importance of video marketing, current trends, scope of video editing and tools for video editing.

Importance of Video Marketing

Videos have a story, videos are memorable, they can trigger the viewers emotionally, and that’s what marketing is all about triggering users emotions and making them realize the need of the products or services you are offering them.

The importance of video marketing is not just limited to this only.

Almost 84% of the marketer’s have said this, that video marketing has helped them in increasing conversion rate, and explaining the product in a much better way that other mediums.

In addition to this videos are a go to solution for creating awareness about a product, service or a brand.

With this increasing growth of video marketing, video editing itself has become a very big career in the world.

Video Marketing Trends

1. Video Focused Algorithms

Have you observed your instagram feed is nowadays filled with reels most of the time. This is not just with instagram algorithm, but many other social media platforms have become video focused and favouring videos in the feed of the users. This is one of the most important trend that you should know in video marketing industry.

2. User Generated Content

Content created by users while using your product, or visiting your cafe, or anything else is called user generated content. This has become a very important source of creating content. User generated content is free of cost and it is interesting and already well edited most of the time.

3. Animated Videos

Creating fun interactive animated videos are not any more rare, many brands and small businesses as well are already doing this. You can easily create animated videos using tools like AniMaker, After Effects, etc.

Top 4 Tools for Video Editing

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are planning to become a full time Video Editor then this software is for you. It is widely known for its advanced features and smooth video editing. If you are a business owner, I would recommend using another software like VN, Capcut, etc for starters but if you are looking to build a career in video editing industry, I would strongly suggest you to learn this software and and become a pro at it.

Adobe premier pro is paid, but trust me it is worth every penny if you are serious about video editing.

2. Final Cut Pro X

Final cut pro X is a very advanced video editing tool, used by professional film makers and cinematographers. This tool is only available to Mac users only. This tool is also paid.

3. DaVinci Resolve

This software is used by many professional television editors. DaVinci Resolve offers 2 version of their tool, one is the paid version and another is the free version. Starting from the free version of this tool can be your first step to becoming a pro video editor.

4. ClipChamp Video Editor

ClipChamp is free, quick and easy to use video editing software. You can learn basic video editing with this tool. If you are not very tech friendly, this can be you go to tool for video editing.

I hope this article was helpful and insightful for you and if you want to learn more about video marketing or digital marketing consider doing a digital marketing course. You can easily find the best institute for digital marketing course on our website.

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