How To Become A Youtuber – Guide

With a staggering 1.7 billion monthly visitors, Youtube is the second most visited platform globally. It surpasses the number of visits received by Facebook, Instagram, and even amazon.This means that even if you’re just starting out, the potential for your channels growth is immense.

How to Become a Youtuber?

Step 1 – Pick a Category

The first step for becoming a YouTuber is to choose a less competitive category on the basis of your interests and expertise. After all, if you already know a little about a topic, it will save you a lot of time. Your category needs to be something you care and are truly passionate about. 

Step 2 – Decide Your Channel’s Goal

Finding a goal will help you tremendously when you are developing and executing content. It will help you in focusing on what matters and what not. 

Step 3 – Learn from Your Competition

Have you heard “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?” While we aren’t saying to think of your competition as your enemies, it is a good idea to visit similar channels often and learn what you can, such as how they shoot and edit YouTube videos, how their video intro looks and much more. You will better understand what they are doing that works well, and even what doesn’t. It’s okay to take inspiration from your competition and also to learn from their mistakes.

Step 4 – Brainstorm Ideas and Develop a Content Schedule

Before you upload your first video and become a YouTuber, you need to have a bunch of videos ready to go. It will not only help with the production process on later videos, but it will help you in maintaining consistency.

Step 5 – Pick the right Equipment

Chances are you already have a desktop computer and even a camera or smartphone you can use to shoot your videos. Here are some other equipment you will need to become a YouTuber – Green Screen, Tripod, Ring light.

Step 6 – Build Your YouTube Channel

This is the part where things start getting excited. It’s time to build your youtube channel and startup setting it up and uploading your irresistible content.

Step 7 – Deciding Channel Name and Description

Your channel name should be easy for viewers to remember and represent what your channel is about.You should use the same name across all of your social media profiles as well. Your channel description is equally important. The description is yet another way to optimize your channel by adding in necessary Keywords.

Profile image – Make sure your profile image is clear and is high-quality. (Size – 800*800 pixels, no larger than 4MB). 

Step 8 – Youtube Banner

Also known as channel art, your YouTube banner is one of the first thing people will see when they will visit your channel. Make your banner eye-catching and readable. You should also include buttons that link to your social media profiles.

Step 9 – Create and Upload Your First Video

Now you are ready to create your first video and officially become a YouTuber. Remember that a little planning will go a long way. Remember to pay attention to sound quality, lighting, and visual interest with your video editor for YouTube. And finally, don’t forget to add a compelling thumbnail image.When tons of similar videos pop up in a search, your thumbnail is what will lead most users to choose your video over another.

Step 10 – Monetize Your Channel

To become a YouTuber that actually makes money, first you need 3,000 watching hours in 12 months and 1,000 subscribers or 10 million views on shorts in last 90 days. Once you hit these marks, you can apply to join the Youtube partner program and start earning money with ads.

Becoming a YouTuber is not a easy task if you are going down this path All The Best to you. In addition I would suggest you to join a youtube marketing course in Jaipur, it can help you learning the how youtube works and how you can grow your channel.

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